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Awakening: Sports and Me

As years went by and I have never ceased to ask myself what gets me excited and what gets me passionate. As answer could sometime seem quite complicated, it could just be as easy as my first reaction when those questions were thrown at me - Sports.

Growing up, my favorite TV channel was 5-Star Sports, my favorite TV program was 7pm Sports News Express, my go-to website was Sina Sports, and my favorite class was P.E. class. Although lots of my buddies in school when we were teenagers were quite into sports as well, my addiction to sports was certainly one of a kind.

Everyday after school when we were permitted to leave early, I rushed home and turned on my computer, sitting there for hours checking on Sina Sports all the daily NBA results. Monday was always a "big day" for me as all the games of European Leagues were finished late Saturday or Sunday night, and Sports News Express would usually spend 10 minutes on reporting soccer news generated from the weekend.

My addiction with sports was not too welcome by my parents, and they never ceased to encourage me to read more books or watch more news on TV that certainly excluded the category of sports. I bet some time they would secretly want me to rather watch more cartoons. Still, my relationship with Sports only got deepened as my parents' rejection only made it more attractive to me.

I was also good with sports in school. In retrospect, it seemed quite ironic that I was elected as the P.E. class leader given my reputation as someone not too appreciative of the rules at the school at the time. Maybe my love for sports touched my teachers and classmates and they wanted me to use it for some purpose.

Although I was deeply involved and took lots of initiatives in organizing sports activities for my class in junior high including Ping Pong match, Basketball games, etc, that "purpose" was not well sought after by me. Sports felt like a kind of play for me, a kind of entertainment, leisure, and sometimes feeling like a teenager-joy that only got intensified by being hidden from the adult's gaze.

Revisiting my relationship with sports now after so many years, I think it is also the time to explore that "purpose" so incidentally planted in me by my teachers and my classmates. I may still not know clearly what to say to that "purpose", but I think sports have been a major part of my life and it is a big part of me. It never ceases to get me excited to do anything or think about anything related to it.

Considering the ample opportunities out there in sports industry as well as the growing nature of China's domestic sports market, there are lots to be thought about and sought out before I could write more on the realization of that "purpose."

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