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Electricity - A Beautiful Gift to Us

The electrons that generate my current brain signals are probably just as activated as trillions of those that are speeding through the grid and powering the city at this hour in Hong Kong. My brain is simply too limited to provide the space needed for all the electrified thoughts, hence I have to give them an outlet so that they could flow naturally in where they belong - here. Having finished running on treadmill, I am at 42F in J Residence, overseeing most of the buildings in Hong Kong. "What the world will be without electricity?" "It's just gonna be dark...and probably very silent too." I answered myself. Thanks to Einstein, we discovered the power of electricity and have since utilized it to create our civilization. The neons that mark up the clear silhouette of the buildings, the car lights that vitalize the streets, and the lights that brings clarity to the gym where I am in so that I can watch out while running...atlas, electricity gives life to our very modern life.

"Its beautiful!" I murmur to myself, and I feel it as if I am feeling someone I admire and adore in front of her beauty, charm and mostly vitality. "I love electricity and its very existence manifested so perfectly every nights in the cities it brings alive."

Some time, we do take for granted what has been given to us for so long and so easily. Electricity is probably one of them. Not like jewelry or ivory, electricity is everywhere, and it has no value to us unless it moves in a close loop in a relatively predictable speed...but it always does thanks to the design by modern electrical engineers.

I have been thinking about going to pursue a career in energy edging at the intersection between science and business. Not many things which we adore could be easily taken as a career, but I think I have just found one that can belong to me.

A world without power will be unthinkable. While I am thankful for the gift passed to us by our predecessors, the future is in our hands to master it and utilize it to its full potential to empower our civilizations.

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